How to place a Sports Photo order online 

1. Go to the "Albums" tab  or the email link for your album and view your child's photos based on division and team.

 If  you do not have a  password, contact me with your child's name, division and team so I may issue one.

2. Choose your photos, keeping in mind the number of pictures required for each template 

3. Print or download the Word or PDF Document Photo Order Form  from the  Sports "Order Forms" tab on this           site. 

4. Choose a template on the order form and write the photo # that begins with "TLL" in the appropriate space/s         provided for the corresponding template.

      Use the Template Brochure in the "Forms and Brochures" tab to choose the correct template name and series.

      Templates may also be viewed under the "Sports " tab 

5. Save the photo order document with your chosen template and player information

6. Email the completed Photo Order form to 

    (If you cannot edit a PDF document on your computer, print the form and either email me the  information or         send a picture of the completed form thru a scan or phone pic). 

7. I will issue an invoice with the final pricing after I receive your order.

8. Payment can then be made via email money transfer or by credit card 

9. I will notify you by email when your order is ready for pick-up